Focus : Power supply support during overvoltage (230V)

Power surge issue ?

For 220 V use powered by an inverter connected to a battery bank, this model allows a peak consumption of up to 4 times the nominal power of the inverter.

TECSUP precisely qualifies the electrical needs of your consumer devices and determines the necessary ratio between Maximum power and Nominal power (up to 4) in order to protect your equipment up to 380 V AC.

Schematic diagram

  1. Nominal power consumed
  2. Consumption peak generally accepted by a professional UPS
  3. Consumption peak accepted by the TECSUP Model

The majority of professional inverters accept for a time “x” consumption peaks 2 times higher than the nominal power. The TECSUP model allows a peak consumption up to 4 times higher than the nominal power.

The TECSUP models protect against cuts caused by a temporary lack of energy during consumption peaks.


When using a laser printer, a power consumption peak appears when starting printing (heating). It is therefore necessary for the inverter to accept this over-consumption under the risk of an instantaneous 220 V cut-off.

  • Mastery of the characteristics specific to the various inverter technologies.
  • Knowledge of the terms of use.
  • Technology watch on DC / AC conversion.
  • Solutions tested and controlled.
  • TECSUP is responsible for the product, both on the functional, normative and safety levels.

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