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The present site is subject to respect of the French law of January 6, 1978, “Informatique et Libértés”. Conforming with the article 27 of the law of January 6 1978 under the label “Informatiques et Libértés”, you have an access right to you personal information, allowing you to delete or change the given information (article 34).
Contact the company and send off a copy of your ID card or passport.

Invisible collection of information relative to navigating visitors :

We automatically record certain information relative to your habits on our website. We use this information internally only, to create statistics of our users, their interests and actions, always to better our service. This information is compiled and analyzed globally, and can include the URL you just visited, the one you’re about to visit, your webhost and your IP address.

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The electronic messages sent via the different links on this website are conserved until the information is no longer needed. We commit ourselves not to divulge your personal information to any other party without your given consent. The access right and rectification are handled by the Technical Service.

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If you don’t wish your personal information to be used for prospection purposes by Tecsup company please contact our team and let them know what information they can use.


The hypertext links placed on this website to access other sites on the Internet, cannot engage the responsibility of the site editor, notably due to the services proposed by these websites.
Despite all the care during the creation of this website, accessibility, precision, reliability, some errors could happen. The users therefore must take all necessary precautions in using the site and cannot hold Tecsup responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by using the site or not being able to use the site.

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