Standalone energy box JERRICAN


Unlimited off-grid power, optimum user comfort

JERRICAN boxes deliver portable electrical power to keep your devices operating smoothly: computers, printers, terminals, industrial and control equipment, etc.

Each station comes with power storage, conversion, interfacing and multiplexed controls in one comprehensive, secure, flexible and easy-to-use system.

Battery packs feature a quick lock/release mechanism for easy mounting/removal from the control module by simply opening/closing the grip handle.

Main features

Easy locking / unlocking of rack-mounted lithium battery packs

Locking/unlocking the rack-mountable lithium battery pack on the control module is done by simply opening/closing the handling handle.

Rackmount battery pack

  • Technology: lithium
  • Capacity: 250Wh or 500WH
  • Integrated charger: maximum charging time 6 hours
  • Replacing a pack without power cut

Command module

  • Intelligent automatic management of battery packs (the control module automatically chooses the best configuration: switch from one pack to another, simultaneous use of the 2 packs, etc.).
  • Outputs adapted to each need: 2 24 VDC battery outputs, 2 stabilized VDC outputs (optional), 2 230 VAC outputs (models with inverters)
  • Equipment equipped with all the required mechanical and electrical protections

Remote display (optional)

TECSUP offers a display system (LCD screen) which allows you to know the remaining duration of the battery pack in use as well as the number of battery cycles already carried out.

Free your Energy !