Standalone energy box JERRICAN


Unlimited off-grid power, optimum user comfort

JERRICAN boxes deliver portable electrical power to keep your devices operating smoothly: computers, printers, terminals, industrial and control equipment, etc.

Each station comes with power storage, conversion, interfacing and multiplexed controls in one comprehensive, secure, flexible and easy-to-use system.

Battery packs feature a quick lock/release mechanism for easy mounting/removal from the control module by simply opening/closing the grip handle.

Main features

Quick lock/release battery pack

• Lithium ion technology
• 250 Wh or 500 Wh capacities
• Built-in charger, max. charge time: 6 hours
• Hot-swap battery packs

Control module

  • Automatic smart battery pack management
  • Depending on the power requirements of connected devices and each battery pack’s charge status, the control module automatically selects the best power supply configuration (switching between packs, simultaneous use of both packs)
  • 2 x 24VDC battery outputs
  • 2 DC/DC stabilisable voltage outputs (controlled separately)
  • 2 x 230 VAC outputs are provided on inverter models (350W, 600W or 1500W)
  • USB output (optionnal)

Free your Energy !