Self-contained Energy Boxes (Lead)

Self-contained Energy Boxes (Lead)

The autonomous energy solution most ECONOMICAL !

TECSUP proposes its Self-contained Energy Boxes, dubbed SEB's. These systems are primarily to supply electrical power to consuming machines placed on trolleys, or mobile pupils. The number of outputs, supply voltages and connectors are determined based on the specific characteristics of the peripherals to be powered. TECSUP can customise the configuration of your boxes to meet your most specific requirements.

Mains features

The SEB’s have been conceived and developed to supply electric power, autonomously, to equipment onboard mobile pupils and trolleys for many different applications:

  • Logistical platforms, operational inside or outside, handling ambient temperatures or controlled temperatures such as Freezers or fridges.
  • Sanitary or pharmaceutical environments
  • Hospitals
  • Car repair workshops
  • Industrial maintenance workshops
  • Industries

Equipment more than frequently mobilized by our SEB’s are: portable computers, printers, terminals, screens, bar code readers, motors, captors, showers…

Self-contained Energy Boxes

All of our SEB’s comply with all EU standards, and need no other electrical accreditations on behalf of the installer or end user.

The SEB’s are equipped with protections against profound discharges of the batteries, guaranteeing a great number of working cycles, therefore optimizing the life of the batteries. They are equally equipped with visual functioning indicators for voltage outputs, battery charge levels and with visual and/or sound alarms for the battery discharge protections.

The choice of SEB is made in function to a number of criteria

  • Power consumed by the electronic equipment
  • Autonomy
  • Number of cycles
  • Volume
  • Weight
  • Environment
  • Budget
  • Etc.
  • Complete “keys in hand” solutions, issued from an SEB system from our catalogue or from a specific development.
  • Council and expertise in the energy conversion and storage (battery) domain.
  • Hot-line for technical support from a distance.
  • Parts and labour guarantee for the complete solution.
  • Rapid handling in case of return to After Sales department.


  • 500 W
  • 750 W

500 W750 W
24V / 28 Ah (300 cycles)24 Ah / 40 Ah (300 cycles)
Dimensions (mm)400 x 300 x 180 mm500 x 400 x 180 mm

Free your Energy !