Sealed Lead AGM 12V

Sealed Lead AGM 12V

TECSUP proposes, via direct sale, a complete range of sealed lead AGM 12V batteries.

The AGM batteries have exceptional leek resistance, they are sealed and can be used in any position. Gas may escape from the security valves only in the event of overcharge or a default. The AGM batteries have an auto-discharge rate of less than 2% per month at -20°C and without maintenance, for life.

Main features

AGM batteries have an exceptional capacity of recuperation, even after a heavy or long discharge. Nevertheless, we have to point out that frequent heavy or prolonged discharges can entail premature wearing of the batteries (whatever the make of the battery).

AGM batteries used in cycles are recharged in 3 steps (IUU).
The first “BOOST” phase is characterized by a constant current I (max Intensity of the charger). The 2 following phases are characterized by a constant tension U. During the second phase “Absorbtion”, the voltage is maintained at a relatively high level in order to accelerate the recharge. During the third and final “Floating” phase, the tension is reduced to a level just sufficient to compensate the auto-discharge of the battery.


  • 12V – 11Ah
  • 12V – 13,2Ah
  • 12V – 18Ah
  • 12V – 28Ah
  • 12V – 28Ah (B)
  • 12V – 40Ah
  • 12V – 65Ah
  • 12V – 70,6Ah
  • 12V – 98Ah
  • 12V – 111Ah
  • 12V – 130Ah
  • 12V – 166Ah
  • 12V – 226Ah
Capacity C20Capacity C10Dimensions WeightStandard terminal
11 Ah9,6 Ah151 x 98 x100 mm3,9 Kg6000 W
13,2 Ah12,3 Ah 151 x 98 x100 mm4,2 Kg Faston 4.75 mn – Type 187
18 Ah17,2 Ah181 x 75 x166 mm6 KgInsert Femelle M5
28 Ah26,7 Ah165 x 125 x182 mm10 KgInsert Femelle M5
28 Ah (B)26,7 Ah177 x 166 x125 mm10 KgInsert Femelle M5
40 Ah38 Ah197 x 165 x170 mm14,8 KgInsert Femelle M6
65 Ah60 Ah258 x 168 x215 mm24 KgInsert Femelle M6
70,6 Ah65 Ah348 x 167 x 178 mm23 KgInsert Femelle M6
 98 Ah92 Ah330 x 173 x 220 mm30 KgInsert Femelle M6
111 Ah103 Ah330 x 173 x 220 mm32,5 KgInsert Femelle M8
129.64 Ah124 Ah410 x 177 x 225 mm38 KgInsert Femelle M8
166 Ah153 Ah485 x 170 x 242 mm47 KgInsert Femelle M8
226 Ah210 Ah522 x 240 x 224 mm66 KgInsert Femelle M8

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