News : We are committed to your tailor-made lithium batteries

At TecSup, we are at your side at every stage of your project!

1. Pre-study and budgeting: We work upstream to understand your needs and define an appropriate budget.

2. Specifications and technology choices: We help you choose the specifications and technology that best suit your application.

3. Technical studies: Our technical team examines your project requirements in detail.

4. Development : We design and develop tailor-made solutions to meet your needs.

5. Component Selection: We choose the highest quality components to ensure the reliability of our batteries.

6. Logistics optimization: We efficiently manage purchases and stocks to ensure timely deliveries.

7. Product nomenclature and price confirmation: We establish a detailed product nomenclature and confirm prices.

8. Production, assembly and testing: Our batteries are manufactured, assembled and rigorously tested to guarantee their quality.

9. Adapted packaging: We select packaging adapted to your needs, whether specific or standard.

10. Delivery according to Incoterms: We ensure delivery in accordance with the agreed Incoterms.

11. Follow-up by our teams: Our team remains at your disposal for any necessary follow-up.

Our custom lithium batteries offer you reliability, robustness and safety, because your satisfaction is our priority.

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