Focus : Understanding lithium batteries: the secret of their composition

Lithium-ion batteries have been regularly discussed in recent years, but do you know their essential components?

A lithium battery is made up of multiple cells. These cells correspond to “stacks” carefully assembled using spacers to form a coherent unit.

These cells are then connected and soldered using busbars, creating electrical connections that result in the formation of a battery pack. It is the quality and solidity of these welds which has a determining role in the reliability and lifespan of the battery.

Once the pack is assembled, a special electronic card, known as the BMS (Battery Management System), is integrated by us. The BMS’s mission is to constantly manage and monitor cell performance. The use of BMS is crucial, as it guarantees the safety and longevity of the battery.

What are the main components of a lithium battery ?

✅ Cells

✅ Spacers

✅ Busbars

✅ Battery Management System (BMS)

TecSup specializes in the design of custom lithium batteries and we design them to adapt to various environments and technical constraints. All our batteries are assembled in our factory and each test is carried out by our agents to guarantee the safety and quality of each of our products.

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