Focus : Transportation standards for lithium-ion batteries

Ensure the good condition of batteries even transported over long distances

The TMD (Transport of Dangerous Goods) regulations impose strict conditions for the multimodal transport of batteries, with a test book based on the UN 38.3 standard. At TecSup, we control each step of this process to guarantee the safety of our batteries from design to delivery.

The UN 38.3 standard requires the validation of eight crucial tests to authorize the transport of batteries:

Altitude simulation test

This test simulates a pressure of 11.6 kilopascals for more than 6 hours on the battery, equivalent to a flight in an unpressurized aircraft at an altitude of 15,000 meters. The battery must maintain its integrity and not show any leaks, bursts, loss of mass or ignition.

Shock test

This test consists of simulating acceleration followed by an impact to assess the battery’s resistance to impacts.

Vibration test

It aims to simulate real transportation conditions and ensure that the battery remains stable during the journey.

Thermal test

This test subjects the battery to 10 consecutive cycles at extreme temperatures: 6 hours at 72°C followed by 6 hours at -40°C.

External short circuit test

It simulates a connection accident to observe the reactions of the battery in the event of a short circuit.

Impact test

This test generates an impact with a 9.1 kg element and also simulates the fall of the packaging, thus verifying the resistance of the packaging.

Overload test

By respecting the recommended charging current, this test simulates the overload state 24 times for 2 hours. The battery must neither burst nor catch fire in the week following the test to be validated.

Forced discharge test

This test exhausts the battery to evaluate its reactions under extreme conditions.

If the battery passes all these tests without showing any defects, it is authorized to be transported, thus guaranteeing its proper functioning and safety during its use.

At TecSup, we are committed to meeting these rigorous standards to offer quality and safe lithium-ion batteries to our customers.

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