Focus : TecSup welds, a guarantee of quality for your lithium batteries

Automated welding for high performance of TecSup batteries

The fundamental objective of a lithium battery is to provide energy as efficiently as possible.

To reach their maximum capacities, the battery components play a crucial role and this is particularly the case for soldering. Indeed, these welds are responsible for electrical conductivity and must withstand variable loads and temperatures. Poor soldering can have a significant impact on the overall performance of the battery. With sometimes more than 600 welds on a single battery pack, even minimal human error can lead to unavoidable failures.

Therefore, to ensure optimal quality and meet increasing production demand, TecSup has invested in an automated welding machine over the past two years.

This strengthening of the quality level made it possible to achieve a zero failure rate. Automated welding technology ensures precise and reliable welds, ensuring the performance, safety and durability of the lithium batteries we produce. At TecSup, we know that every detail counts when it comes to creating cutting-edge lithium batteries to meet our customers’ needs.

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