Focus : Rescued energy

This model provides energy in the event of a power supply failure, in a stationary system. Switching to emergency mode is rare (the batteries are little used).

Type of automatic failover on backed up energy

  • Transfer switch: when the mains disappears, a relay automatically switches to backed up energy. There is a transfer time (a few tens of ms) linked to the electronics.
  • On line: the power consumed is provided by the backed up energy system, itself powered by the mains. There is no micro-break, since the electronics are constantly in demand.

Principle of operation of “backup power systems”

2 sockets are available to supply your various consumers:

  • 1 non-backed-up socket, directly linked to the presence or not of the mains at the energy system input.
  • 1 backup output, which provides a temporary source of energy in the event of a power failure, voluntary or not. This output is energized when the system is on mains voltage and remains energized if the mains input is cut off.

In the event of a mains failure, the autonomy of the backup output depends on the power of the consumers connected and the energy system used.

Solutions from this model

  • Autonomous Energy Pack for crane beaconing.
  • Lighting of a tunnel under construction by two ramps connected in parallel: normally, all the lights are on (maximum lighting); in the event of a mains failure, the ramp connected to the direct socket switches off (detection of the anomaly) but the other ramp connected to the backup socket remains on (evacuation without panic).
  • Autonomous backup power supplies, for the deployment or withdrawal of wind turbines in an area temporarily not supplied with electricity (eg during the announced passage of a tornado).

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