Self-contained Lithium Energy Case 275Wh

Self-contained Lithium Energy Case 275Wh

Self-Contained Lithium Energy Cases offer autonomy, mobility and safety for all your outdoor power needs. This source of efficient, portable energy will power or charge your electrical equipment, wherever you may be.

Self-Contained Lithium Energy Cases are light, compact and sturdy, and are designed to withstand the harshest of environments for applications including infrastructure maintenance, search and rescue in disaster areas, works on secluded sites, providing support on nomadic operations or missions, and mobile work-sites, among others.

Main features

Self-contained Lithium Energy Case 275 Wh

  • Battery Li-ion 25.2V / 10.8Ah
  • Status display and control
  • 248x 200 x 111mm
  • 3 Kg
  • Direct 24V battery output(s)
  • Regulated DC output(s) (optional)
  • 230VAC output(s) (optional)
  • USB connectivity (optional): ideal for battery monitoring or charging small electronics, such as smartphones
  • Input : Mains charger (mains adapter supplied), 12/24V cigarette lighter charger, solar panel charger
  • Charger time: 5 hours
  • IP65, IK08, equipped with all necessary electrical and mechanical protection measures

Other models availbale at request

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