Self-contained Energy Boxes (Lithium)

Self-contained Energy Boxes (Lithium)

The autonomous energy solution most EEFICIENT and LIGHTWEIGHT !

LITHIUM boxes provide energy for any type of electrical appliances: computers, printers, terminals, industrial equipment, control equipments ...They integrate battery, power conversion, interfacing and control functions into a complete, secure, flexible and easy to use system.The number of outputs, supply voltages and connectors are determined based on the specific characteristics of the peripherals to be powered. TECSUP can customise the configuration of your boxes to meet your most specific requirements.

Main features

  • Front switch for simultaneous disconnection of all outputs.
  • LED display: % remaining battery capacity, charge or discharge mode, % remaining battery life.
  • Electronic and mechanical protection. Charging time: 6h max.
  • Outputs: each model is available with banana clips or AMP connectors.
  • The autonomy provided by a box varies depending on the model, power and duration of use of each of the devices powered.
    For more specific needs, the design of the battery pack, available outputs and dimensions can be custom developed.
  • CE equipment


  • 250 Wh
  • 500 Wh
  • 750 Wh
  • 1000 Wh

Useful capacity250 Wh500 Wh750 Wh1000 Wh
Nominal capacity 12V/20Ah ou 24V/10Ah (1000 cycles)24V/20Ah (1000 cycles) 24V / 30 Ah (1000 cycles)24V / 40 Ah (1000 cycles)
Dimensions 240 x 290 x 115 mm 400 x 300 x 180 mm400 x 300 x 180 mm500 x 400 x 180 mm
Outputs 12 VDC: 0 or 2 outlets
24VDC: 0 ou 2 outlets
Others VDC stab outlets (option)
230 VAC : 0 or 2 outlets (350W)
24VDC: 2 outlets
Other VDC stab outlets (option)
230 VAC : 0 or 2 outlets (350W or 600W)
24VDC: 2 outlets
Other VDC stab oulets (option)
230 VAC : 0 or 2 outlets (350W or 600W or 1500W)
24VDC: 2 outlets
Other VDC stab oulets (option)

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