News : Preserve the performance of your lithium batteries

A lithium battery adapted to the constraints of use

A lithium-ion battery exposed to a hostile environment can quickly lose performance, become damaged, or even become dangerous.

Here are some examples of situations that can put a lithium-ion battery to the test:

High temperature

Lithium-ion batteries ideally operate between 15°C and 25°C. Temperatures above 60°C may result in permanent loss of capacity.

Low temperature

The ideal storage temperature for a lithium-ion battery is around 20°C. Temperatures below 0°C can damage the battery.

High humidity

High humidity can cause corrosion of contacts and circuits, reducing battery life.

Excessive vibration or shocks

Vibration and shock can cause short circuits or damage the battery’s electrical connections.

Corrosive environment

Acids, bases and corrosive chemicals can damage the battery.

It is therefore essential to choose quality lithium-ion batteries that are specifically adapted to the environment in which they will be used.

At TecSup, we offer you tailor-made lithium batteries designed to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring the performance, safety and durability of your power systems.

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