Focus : Lithium Batteries: Standard vs. Custom made

The advantages of customizing lithium batteries

“Consumer” lithium batteries are often an economical choice, but how do they compare to custom lithium batteries?

Although a standard battery is more affordable to purchase and may be suitable for certain applications, it cannot compete with the benefits of a custom battery. Opting for customization means choosing cells specifically adapted to the intended use, packaging that ensures optimal integration, and a BMS (Battery Management System) that guarantees security and communication with your system.

It also means deciding to have a battery designed according to your specifications, precisely meeting your needs in terms of power required, charging time, or lifespan.

For example, whether you need high power just once a week or plan to carry out ten charging cycles per day, the requirements vary and to ensure the best longevity of your batteries, we will adapt their design to To attend to your needs.

Choosing a tailor-made battery ensures a prolonged lifespan for your products and a better return on investment (ROI). It is a quality marker claimed by TecSup.

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