Focus : BMS, the key to lithium battery safety

The Battery Management System (BMS): an essential component for the safety of lithium batteries.

Due to the instability of lithium and the high stresses to which batteries can be exposed, the BMS is a crucial element that helps prevent critical situations such as overcharging, explosion risks, short circuits, etc., and moreover.

But in concrete terms, what does the BMS bring?

Charging or discharging interruption: The BMS can interrupt the charging or discharging of cells when necessary to avoid potential problems.

Charging optimization: It ensures homogeneous charging of cells, thus improving energy efficiency.

Advanced protection: The BMS protects against short circuit, over voltage, under voltage and continuously monitors cell temperature.

Extension of the lifespan: By regularly monitoring the condition of the battery and the external alterations which may impact it, the BMS helps to extend its lifespan.

Advanced monitoring: The BMS can provide information such as the number of cycles completed and estimate the state of health (SOH) of the battery in real time.

Charge indication: It allows you to know the state of charge (SOC) of the battery in real time.

Advanced communication: The BMS communicates with chargers and other connected elements, optimizing the entire system.

At TecSup, we go further by manufacturing our own BMS and chargers, which allows us to adapt to the specific constraints of each application. This customization guarantees maximum performance and unrivaled safety for our lithium batteries.

The safety of our customers is our top priority, and the BMS is a key part of this commitment.

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