News : Choosing the right charger for a lithium battery

Guarantee the performance and safety of your lithium batteries by choosing the right charger

To keep your lithium-ion batteries in good condition, it is imperative to choose a specifically adapted charger. But what criteria should you use to make the right choice?

Here are the main elements to consider:

Output voltage

The charger must provide an output voltage identical to the nominal voltage of the lithium battery. This guarantees optimal charging without the risk of overvoltage.

Charging current

The charging current of the charger must be in line with the capacity of the battery. Too high a charging current may damage the battery, while too low a charging current will significantly extend the charging time.


Make sure the charger is equipped with overload, short circuit and overvoltage protection devices. These devices are essential to avoid damage to the battery and prevent any risk of accident.


Make sure the charger is compatible with the type of lithium battery you are using, based on its specific technology (e.g. LFP, LiPo, NMC, etc.).

By choosing a charger that meets these criteria, you can be sure to extend the life of your lithium battery, optimize its performance and guarantee safe use.

At TecSup, we design our own custom lithium battery chargers to guarantee perfect compatibility and optimal performance.

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