News : BMS: what is its role in a lithium battery?

The BMS is essential to ensure the safety of the lithium battery. Indeed, lithium being unstable, it is necessary to have a BMS to prevent the battery from being exposed to critical conditions: overload, explosion, short circuit, etc.

Concretely, what does the BMS provide?

  • It interrupts the charging or discharging of cells
  • It optimizes the homogeneous loading of cells
  • It protects against possible short circuits, overvoltages, undervoltages
  • It constantly checks the temperature of the cells
  • It extends the lifespan of cells
  • It can indicate at any time the number of cycles carried out and estimates the State of Health (SOH)
  • It allows you to know the State of Charge (SOC) in real time.
  • It communicates with chargers and other connected elements

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