Focus : Autonomous lighting system

TECSUP has developed this model to allow you to have light with autonomy and power adapted to each need (emergency interventions, site lighting, etc.), in a light and transportable system.

Autonomous lighting system

Example : lighting case BABY

Autonomous, portable, mobile, protected LED lighting.

General characteristics of an autonomous lighting system

Based on customer needs, they are specific to each project.

  • Lighting power: 1000 Lumens, 3500 Lumens…
  • Need: work area, security perimeter, mood lighting…
  • Lighting autonomy: 2h, 1 night, 2 days…
  • Use: auxiliary stationary lighting, mobile portable lighting, emergency lighting…

Variable parameters of an autonomous lighting system

Co-determined with the customer and optimized during the study phase.

  • Lighting technology: Fluo-compact, Leds.
  • Storage Technology: AGM Sealed Lead, Gel, Coil, Lithium-ion (LiFePo4).
  • Low battery warning: display, sound…
  • Environment: temperature, waterproof IP, resistance…
  • Charging mode: EDF sector, photovoltaic panel, cigarette lighter.
  • Transfer swicth (stand by mode): automatic ignition in the event of a power failure.
  • Backed up: lighting maintained in the event of a power failure.
  • Frequency of use.
  • Size, weight.

Schematic diagram

  1. Autonomous Energy System.
  2. Lighting: integrated or associated.

Examples of lighting from this model

  • Comprehensive expertise: energy conversion, energy storage, lighting.
  • Monitoring of new LED technologies.
  • Knowledge of the terms of use.
  • Compliance with specific safety standards, tests and approvals.
  • TECSUP is responsible for the product, both on the functional, normative and safety levels. Single point of contact.

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