News : Are lithium batteries really dangerous?

Lithium battery safety: a crucial issue in the industry

Incidents linked to lithium batteries are becoming more and more frequent, ranging from bus roof fires to accidents in wagons at Futuroscope, including fires in industrial hangars.

Lithium batteries can actually be dangerous, especially in an industrial context. Lithium, an essential component of these batteries, is an intrinsically unstable material, capable of causing thermal runaway capable of starting a fire.

The safety of lithium batteries therefore depends on several critical factors, including the manufacturing quality, regulation, and resistance of the components used. An essential element to guarantee this safety is the Battery Management System (BMS), which ensures constant monitoring and management of the battery.

Another crucial point is the origin of the batteries. It is imperative to be vigilant about the quality and reliability of manufacturers. At TecSup, we have chosen to collaborate with trusted partners, mainly French, to guarantee total control over the components of our lithium batteries.

Our commitment to safety doesn’t stop there. We offer tailor-made lithium batteries, specially designed to meet the specific constraints of each use, thus ensuring maximum safety. Additionally, we design our own BMS for increased reliability, so our customers can have complete confidence in our products.

Safety is our top priority, and we do everything we can to ensure it.

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