Industrial logistics

Industrial logistics

Expert in self contained energy systems, TECSUP conjugates its expertise (energy storage, energy conversion, interface &control) to propose performance solutions for mobile computer desks.

Self contained power boxes embedded in the mobile units


Thanks to surveillance of the Markets needs and to an ongoing capacity to innovate, TECSUP responded to the specific requirements of the mobile computer unit sector and the industrial logistics sector, by creating a complete range of self-contained power boxes, freestanding on the pupils, chariots or trolleys.

These boxes allow the user to benefit from complete autonomy, complying to the project specification dossier, and powering the different consumers (PC, printer, scales, terminals,...) with various stabilized currents (230VAC, 12VDC, 24VDC, 5VDC, 20VDC, 9VDC, 15VDC,...).

At the end of the day, the user connects the box to the mains power; the box recharges automatically, ready for the next work shift.


Available in our Catalogue, these boxes come from a model of self contained energy systems developed by TECSUP and customized O.E.M. versions can be proposed with your specifications.

» Self-contained Power Boxes
» Self-contained Energy Systems
» Maintaining current during start-up (12V or 24V)
» Supporting the current when power surges occur (230V)
» Made to measure Solutions



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