Lighting products

Lighting products

Professional Lighting Equipment

Our lighting products were developed for area lighting in difficult areas/hostile environments and to reply to all the needs of Emergency Services during their interventions.

Fluorescent projectors, LED extra flat projectors, work site lamps, area lighting...

TECSUP proposes a complete offer of Professional Lighting equipment in 230VAC, 24VAC or 24VDC & 12VDC.


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OPUS Fluo Projector

Compact-Fluorescent Projectors, robust, waterproof and light, the OPUS lamps offer great flexibility of use and optimal security. Available in 230VAC, 24VAC & 24VDC.


  • MINI - Equivalent to a 150w halogen lamp
  • STANDARD - Equivalent to a 300w halogen lamp
  • MAXI - Equivalent to a 700w halogen lamp

OPUS Led Projector

Combine LED lighting technology performance with the benefits of traditional range Fluo-Compat OPUS (strength, lightness, flexibility).

OPUS Mini LED projector offers a light output of 3360 lumens for very low power consumption (30W).



LUMAPHORE Fluo Projector


  • 440w
  • 640w
also available with LED technology


  • Lighting Quality
  • Delivered with its transportation box
  • Waterproof to IP44
  • Compact design

Tube 31 Fluo Projector

Fluo lighting tune with an integrated electronic ballast for universal applications, equipped with a super polished reflector and a polycarbonate diffusing screen, for an even distributed light and non blinding. Available in 230VAC, 24VAC.

  • Resistant to shocks
  • High heat resistance
  • Excellant Transparency

Lighting accessories

TECSUP proposes a number of lighting accessories that
optimize and help you use the lighting products and systems :

  • Masts and Tripods
  • Accessories and Mountings for the cordless mobile lamp unit BABY.
  • Various mountings for the OPUS and TRI-LIGHT projectors.
  • Mountings and fixings for the TUBE 31.
  • Accessories for chaîn lighting.