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From optimisation to the elaboration of the assembled range of products, TECSUP handles all the industrialisation process.


Pre-study and budgeting
- The global feasibility vision and the cost of a project is rapidly brought around by TECSUP with the help of its experience.

Specifications and technological choices
- Issue from the clients needs, these parameters are particular to each project, TECSUP brings its experience to help define them.

Technical Studies
- TECSUP design office carries out the necessary technical studies to keep the project moving

- Having made a model and /or prototype, TECSUP optimises its products during the development stage. Conformity, validation IP....

Elaboration of the assembling range and bench testing
- Writing up of all the necessary documents for the production line. The bench testing allows the perfect functioning of the product.

Selecting the components
- TECSUP monitors permanently while working along with very strong strategic partners.

Logistical optimization (purchasing, stocks, ...)
- Great capacity and flexibility in our logistical organization.

Product nomenclature & price confirmation
- Writing up and making the nomenclature, guaranteeing the selling price.

Production, assembly and tests
- Done in our production workshop in Annecy, or sub-contracted to our partners.

- Choice of adapted packaging, specific or not

- Handling of the deliveries in function with the Incoterms (International Commerce Terms)

After sales
- TECSUP after sales service, performance and reactivity.


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