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Power support during power surges (230v)

For a 220v usage powered by an Inverter connected to the battery park, this model authorizes peak consumption up to 4 times the nominal power for the inverter.

TECSUP qualifies precisely the electrical needs of your equipment and determines the necessary ratio between maximum power & nominal power (up to 4x) in order to protect your equipment up to 380vac.


Principal schema


  1. Nominal power consumed
  2. Consumption peak generally accepted by a professional Inverter
  3. Consumption peak accepted by the TECSUP Model

The majority of professional inverters accept during "x" amount of time, peaks up to 2x nominal power. The TECSUP Model allows peaks up to 4x nominal power.

The TECSUP Model protects against power cuts caused by the lack of energy during peak consumptions.


Example of use for this Model

While using a laser printer, a consumption peak happens as the printer starts (heating). It is necessary that the inverter accepts this over-consumption risking instant 220v power failure.





  • Controlling the specific characteristics of the different battery technologies
  • Knowledge of the conditions of use
  • Technical monitoring and partnership with the battery manufacturers
  • Tested and controlled solutions
  • TECSUP is responsible for the product, as well as on the functional, normative and security plans

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