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Mobile self-contained energy system

You punctually or more or less frequently need a strong source of electric energy, available absolutely anywhere and adapted to feed the necessary power to your equipment (computers, pumps, lighting...)?

TECSUP conjugates its expertise (energy conversion, storage, control & interface) to bring you a complete solution, self-contained, integrated and adjusted to your needs. Our design office has devoted over 3000hrs in the development of this model, each component and assembling is subject to severe inspection and testing in order to guarantee optimal performance.

The self-contained energy systems accumulate electric energy in batteries and then restore that energy at sometime for the users own needs.

General characteristics

Taken from the client's needs, they are very specific to each project.

  • Power supply: 230v alternative, 24v continuous....
  • Duration of autonomy: 3h, 1 day....
  • Current produced: 230v alternative, 36v regulated, 19v continuous...
  • Number of outlets: 1, 3...
  • Desired mobility:
    • Portable system: Sealed case, destined to be constantly displaced, portable (by a Handle) or moveable (via its wheels).
    • Transportable solution: Sealed box, installed fastened to a mobile or fixed mounting.
    • Fastened Solution: an open plate on which the systems is fixed.

Variable Parameters

Marked out with the client and optimized during the design stage

  • Number of cycles
  • Charge time
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Battery technology: Sealed lead (AGM, Gel), Lithium Iron Phosphate 4 (LiFePo4)
  • Environment: Temperature, IP water resistance...
  • Connections

Principal schema


  1. Charger.
  2. Battery(ies) / BMS. Make the right choice of battery.
  3. Inverters, converters.
  4. Cabinets, cases, boxes, plates
  5. Connections, IHM

*Values given as an example.

Examples of solutions issued from this Model



  • Easy to use.
  • Battery protection (DOD).
  • Controlled solutions, respect of regulations.
  • 2 year warranty (n/i battery).



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