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Maintaining voltage on start-up (12v or 24v)

This Model guarantees continuous stabilized power thanks to a complementary, punctual supply of power (super condenser) to avoid power variation during start-up. It is applied to 12v & 24v batteries.

The super condenser stocks & restitutes energy very rapidly. Charging permanently, it compensates for the lack of power during the starting phase.

Variable parameters

Taken from the client's needs, they are very specific to each project, marked out with the client and optimized during the design stage.

  • Duration of the start-up phase
  • Power consumed
  • Working voltage to be maintained
  • Intensity consumed on start-up


Principal schema


  1. Battery voltage: 12 or 24 V
  2. Super condenser voltage


Examples of use for this Model

This solution avoids the micro power-cuts to the computers that are connected, susceptible of losing valuable information. It is protected against eventual damage caused by the spontaneous power loss during the start-up phase.






  • Controlling the specific characteristics of the different battery technologies
  • Knowledge of the conditions of use
  • Technical monitoring and partnership with the battery manufacturers
  • Tested and controlled solutions
  • TECSUP is responsible for the product, as well as on the functional, normative and security plans

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