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Charging of interconnected batteries

This model has been developed to limit unbalancing and to optimize output during the differentiated simultaneous charging of many interconnected batteries.

All the lead batteries are composed of internal 2v elements (e.g.: Six 2v cells for a battery of 12v)
When one of the cells doesn't function correctly, it ruins the others. Otherwise said, the weak link causes the chain to brake. When a park is constituted of batteries connected in series to create 48v, its 24 cells that are linked in series. The "chain" becomes even more fragile...

The TECSUP Model enables you to charge all the parks constituted with interconnected batteries, series or parallel, in limiting the unbalance between the 2v cells. This enables considerable increase to the life of the battery park.

The charge time and the frequency of use of the park are important variables in defining an optimal charge.


Principal schema


  1. Batteries
  2. Charger with independent terminals

Solutions issued from this Model

N.B. : For batteries of different technologies, see our Model concerning "Charging of batteries of different technologies"


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