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Charging of batteries of different technologies

This TECSUP Model allows the simultaneous recharge with one charger, many batteries of different technologies while respecting all the charge curves related to each battery.

Different battery technologies exist (Lead open, Lead sealed AGM, Lead sealed Gel, Lithium Ion...) and are chosen in function to their application (starting, intensive cycles, emergency...). These different technologies recharge with charge curves of different voltages. What's more, certain battery manufacturers ask for very particular curves in order to apply their warranties.


In a vehicle there can be a battery for starting purposes that must supply a great amount of power for a few seconds (the choice should be for an open battery) and a sealed battery that has to supply an average amount of power but for a long period (a sealed AGM or Gel battery should be chosen).
With a standard 2 exit charger, embedded in the vehicle, one of the batteries will not charge with the right charge curve or appropriated intensity, therefore causing premature wearing out of the battery.


Principal schema


  1. Batteries of different technologies
  2. Charger with independent outlets


Solutions issued from this Model




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