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Battery surveillance

TECSUP proposes different types of battery surveillance models. These models have for primary function to protect the battery park from deep discharge (DOD) which would cause premature deterioration of the batteries and the amount of cycles. In order for this function to work, the current, the voltage and the temperature are measured at the terminal points on the batteries.

Variable parameters

Taken from the client's needs, they are very specific to each project, marked out with the client and optimized during the design stage.

  • Defining action limitation & alerts
  • Defining the depth of discharge (DOD)
  • Actions launched automatically or manually: charging interruption, tripping, switching....
  • For integration into the clients existing system or into a TECSUP system
  • Battery capacity
  • Technology: Lead, AGM, Gel, Lithium LiFePo4


Man machine interface (fixed indicators or deported)

  • Sound alarms: buzzer, siren
  • Visual alerts: lights, gyros
  • GSM relay
  • LCD screen
  • Communication hub


Principal schema


  1. Battery/ies lead or Lithium spiraled cells LiFePo4
  2. Battery supervisor: TC or BMS*
  3. Relay
  4. Man Machine Interface
  5. Ventilator, Charger, Trip switch, Switch

*The Battery Management System (BMS) integrates SMBus dialogue, Amp hours counter, protection system (storage authorization, discharge authorization, pre-charge authorization), temperature measurement, balancing out between cells...



  • Controlling the specific characteristics of the different battery technologies
  • Knowledge of the conditions of use
  • Technical monitoring and partnership with the battery manufacturers
  • Tested and controlled solutions
  • TECSUP is responsible for the product, as well as on the functional, normative and security plans
  • Unique interlocutor

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