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Autonomous lighting systems

TECSUP has developed this Model to allow you to dispose of an autonomous source of light and power adapted to your needs (lighting work sites, emergency interventions....), in a system that is very light and transportable.

General characteristics

Taken from the client's needs, they are very specific to each project.

  • Powerful lighting: 1000 lumens, 3500 lumens....
  • Needs: A work site zone, secured areas, ambient lighting...
  • Lighting autonomy: 2hrs, 1 night, 2 days,...
  • Use: stationary punctual lighting, mobile professional lighting


Variable parameters

Co-specified with the client and optimized during the design stage.

  • Light technologies: Fluo-compact, LEDs.
  • Storage Technology: Sealed led AGM, Gel, spiraled, Lithium LiFePo4.
  • Weak battery warning: Displays, sound alarms..
  • Environment: Temperature, IP waterproof rating, resistance...
  • Recharge Mode: Mains grid, PV Solar panel, cigarette lighter, wind turbine.
  • Transfer switch: automatically starts-up when power failure occurs.
  • Emergency: Lighting maintained in case of power failure.
  • Frequency of use.
  • Dimensions, weight.


Principal schema


  1. Self-contained Energy System.
  2. Lighting: integrated or associated.


Examples of solutions issued from this Model




  • Complete expertise: energy conversion, storage, lighting.
  • Monitoring the new, different, LED technologies.
  • Knowledge of the working conditions
  • Respecting the specific security standards, tests and homologations.
  • TECSUP is responsible for the product, as well as on the functional, normative and security plans.

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