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TECSUP has acquired in-depth expertise of powerful LED technology (SSL Lighting) which represents today the best technical response for the major part of any lighting problem. The TECSUP offer equally integrates Fluo-compact lighting products and systems.

LED TECHNOLOGYAn electroluminescent diode, abbreviation known as LED (from the English 'Light Emitting Diode') is an electrical component capable of emitting light when an electric current runs through it. They are part of the opto-electronic family and count many variations.

The LED can be capped with diverse forms in order to canalize the flow of light precisely: Cylindrical with round ends in 3,5, 8, & 10mm diameters, cylindrical with flat ends, rectangular, on a flexible mounting, in a cross technology or to be mounted on top (CMS).

Technological Advantages of LED lights

  • Energy economy
    • Long life: more than 50,000hrs, 80 times more than a regular light.
    • Feeble electric consumption (15 times less than a halogen)
    • Very low heat dissipation
    • Reduced maintenance costs
    • Excellent output
  • Competitive (global approach to costs)
    • A LED spot light has a life of about 17years (8hrs a day for 17years). Choosing a 3x20w LED spot instead of a 50w halogen generates an electric economy over a year, of about €40 a spot light. The spot is paid for within 12 months.
  • Technical performances
    • Excellent mechanical resistance: Knocks, crushing, vibrations.
    • Immediate start-up and switch off of light (<1 nanosecond)
    • Total infrared absence
    • No electric field, unlike Fluorescent lights
    • Diverse colors
    • Less bulky



The compact fluorescent light is a fluorescent tube that emits light, but where the tube has been miniaturized, bent in half, X3 or x4 or rolled, twisted. They use starters or electronic ballast to start up.

Advantages of Fluo-compact

  • Good mechanical resistance: knocks, vibrations.
  • Feeble electric consumption (6 times less than a halogen)
  • Great output
  • High length of life: +8000hrs
  • Extremely low heat emission



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