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Energy conversion

The High frequency technology has totally overridden low frequency technology. TECSUP masters this technology perfectly and has integrated it to all of the range of products and systems.

Mastered conversion

  • Core of expertise: Alternative current, Direct current, AC/DC
  • Complementary Expertise: Direct Current / Alternative Current, DC/AC
  • Complementary Expertise: Direct Current/ Direct Current, DC/DC

Advantages of high frequency for AC/DC conversion

  • Chargers that are more compact, lighter.
  • Invariable charge quality, whatever the quality of power on entry (230v or generator)
  • Better output
  • Power economy


A high output generates less colorific loss, which permits the optimization of the fan assisted cooling system, or even to go without. Many different techniques allow us to optimize the output:

  • Filtering the adjusted voltage via a condenser.
  • Adjusting the intensity via an electronic dimmer.
  • Quality components
  • Etc.


Choosing the technology adapted to your specifications

  • Power wanted. Example: for needs above 1000w, the principals of resonance (LCC) lay down a number of advantages
  • Number of outlets necessary. Example: for multiple outlets, the Forward or Fly-back technology is more appropriate.
  • Necessary insulation. Example: If the storing of energy requires a transformer, the Forward or Fly-back technology is more appropriate.
  • Weight & Dimensions. Example: Fly-back technology allows for limited component use.
  • Etc.


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