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Crane tagging

Pending on the self-contained energy box offer, TECSUP has developed a self-contained power pack for stand-alone lighting, guaranteeing the lighting of the lights even in the event of mains power failure.


Implanted around airports, the cranes and other public works vehicles are equipped with beacon lights, where the functioning must be continuously assured for every ones security.

The number and the type of lights depends on the advice of the DGAC. Three lights are normally required. The autonomy required varies between 10 & 72hrs, depending also on the hight of the crane and its distance from aerodromes and airports nearby.

Developed solutions


TECSUP has conceived a Self-Contained Energy Pack. The SCEP is a centralized power unit, simple to use and to work, enabling the connecting of many security lights. Equipped with a transfer switch (automatic relay in case of power cut), it is perfectly adapted to stationary applications and guarantee a minimum autonomy of 72hrs for 3 lights.

For cranes equipped with collectors, the pack is installed at cabin height and doesn't interfere with its functioning. For those that don't have this system, the pack is installed at the bottom and is conceived so that it can stand a normal rotation (3 maximum).



On study...


TECSUP studies self-contained mini light systems allowing us to limit a lot the quantities of cables necessary. The central unit is freed from the storing of energy and becomes an optional unit comandable at a distance (man-machine interface).


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