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Automatic shuttle for car parks

TECSUP has developed the power supply for an automate handling a shuttle moving around the vehicles in an underground car park.


The drivers depose their vehicles on a shuttle which then parks them on a free place. When the driver returns he asks the shuttle to bring back the vehicle to the departure platform.


Energy Requirement Specifications

  • Strong intensity for short periods of time
  • Multiple and short charge times

Decision of the adapted technology and components

  • Titanate
  • Super condenser alone or in parallel and a chemical or lead accumulator
  • Lithium Polymer LiFePo4

Instrumentation of the first Prototype

  • LEM current captor
  • USB Power Converter-> power supply + or - 12v for the captors
  • USB National Instrument Box NI6009
  • PDA under Windows CE by WIFI, with its own self-contained power supply

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