TECSUP mobilizes its knowhow and its experience to study, conceive, develop and industrialize your solution.

Specialized Design Office : energy conversion, battery, control, lighting, self contained system

Based on a wide technical expertise (energy conversion, storage, control & interface, lighting), the creative capacity of TECSUP combines the specificities of the energy source (mains grid, wind turbines, PV solar panels, generators, alternators...) and end users (motors, printers, mobile computers, tools, pumps...).


Technologies - Design - Industrialization - Sourcing - Customized solutions



  • Expert engineers
  • Experience in co-development
  • Capable of working on an International bases
  • Technological monitoring
  • Handling of projects from A to Z
  • Understanding and advising
  • Flexible and reactive
  • Respect and Confidentiality

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