TECSUP proposes a selection of peripherals allowing you to control and command your electrical installation.


Battery separator

Essential component for all vehicles with multiple batteries (boats, camping cars, ambulances, fire trucks, etc…), it protects the main battery from profound discharge, guaranteeing the starting of the vehicle in any circumstance and allows the recharging of the batteries (main + auxillary) via the alternator.


Command function battery tester.

It controls the state of charge of the battery and allows it to act via the intermediate of 2 dry contactors. Adjustable voltage levels, variable hysteresis. Tester consumption < to 1mA.


Deported Display Voltage

Indications of the battery park via LED lights


Battery separator


  • 12V - 135A
  • 12V - 165A
  • 24V - 135A


  • Power relay controlled by microprocessor
  • No power drop
  • Manual coupling available at any time
  • Options +APC and information on the state of the relay available in 12v & 24v.

Command function battery testers

Vital for all self-contained energy systems via battery.

  • Battery charge rate panel
  • 2 dry contacts, open/closed
  • Adjustable voltage level
  • Variable Hysteresis
  • Tester consumption < to 1mA



Converter card

Converter, reducer and voltage stabilizer cards for SEB's.


  • 24 VDC / 24 VDC / 10A
  • 24 VDC / 20 VDC / 13.5A
  • 24 VDC / 12 VDC / 2.5 A
  • 24 VDC / 05 VDC / 4 A


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