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Self-contained Lithium Energy Case 1000/1500Wh


Outdoor VLA 1000/1500 Wh lithium power supply



  • 230 VAC outputs
  • Direct battery 20.3 to 29.4VDC outputs, possibility of stabilized output (30W)
  • Input: 10-40 VDC 60W, 96-230 VAC 50 Hz via mains unit, 4-pin WEIPU connector
  • Li-ion battery (battery pack guaranteed for 2 years or 600 cycles)
  • Degrees of protection: IP 65, IK08
  • Easy and quick recharging: 230 VAC mains, cigarette lighter socket, solar panel (option)
  • Personalization possibilities
  • Stabilized DC output 30W (example: 12V)
  • USB connection for battery level monitoring or for recharging a small device (example: smartphone)

Other powers available in the catalog or on request

Modular, stand-alone system

• Each VLA battery is completely independent. It can supply low voltage current at any time (whether or not it is connected to a VLA control).
• The VLA control is powered by 1 or 2 VLA batteries, it delivers 230 V.

Command interface (on each case)

• On / off button
• Display and control of the state of charge
• Display of operation in emergency mode (stand by)

Centralized management

• As soon as a VLA battery is connected to the VLA control, control is centralized from the VLA control. The current mode on the battery VLA is memorized and reactivates automatically
when stopping the VLA command.
• The electronic control board of the VLA controls the successive discharging of the batteries to optimize the management of the battery park and authorizes an automatic simultaneous discharge for peak consumption.

Continuous energy 7 days a week

• Associating the VLA control with 2 VLA battery makes it possible in particular to guarantee an operational power supply 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. When one VLA battery is discharged, the VLA control automatically switches its power to the other VLA battery.


  • Equipment equipped with all the required electrical and mechanical protections
  • Waterproof material: IP65
  • Anti-shock: IK 08
  • Manufacturer's warranty 2 years (excluding battery) Battery pack warranty 2 years or 600 cycles
  • CE certified material
  • Equipment designed & made in France


  • Dimensions: 340x300x180mm
  • Weight (VLA order): 6kg


Other models availbale at request

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