TECSUP Selection

On the basis of its permanent monitoring in order to develop systems that are more and more complete, TECSUP tests each year new products that have come from specialized manufacturers. After a strict selection (see below), the products held back are then integrated into the offer and then benefit from the TECSUP guarantee.


Selection process:

1 - Monitoring, sourcing
2 - Evaluation (or verification) of the supplier in relation to our criteria: Technical skills, Quality procedures, continuity of the service, availability, lead times...
3 - Studying the performances and functionalities of the products: Technical added value answering the client's needs, respect of all norms & standards.
4 - Controls: made to measure tests developed by our teams, reduced tolerances
5 - Technical integration by our design office, adapting if needed
6 - Eventual proposition to be included in our catalogue

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AGM Battery 12V - 11 Ah

  • Capacity C20 : 11 Ah
  • Capacity C10 : 9.6 Ah
  • Dimensions : 151 x 98 x100 mm
  • Weight : 3.9 Kg
  • Type of terminal : Faston 4.75 mn - Type 187

Sealed Lead AGM 12V

The AGM batteries have exceptional leek resistance, they are sealed and can be used in any position. Gas may escape from the security valves only in the event of overcharge or a default. The AGM batteries have an auto-discharge rate of less than 2% per month at -20°C and without maintenance, for life.


AGM batteries have an exceptional capacity of recuperation, even after a heavy or long discharge. Nevertheless, we have to point out that frequent heavy or prolonged discharges can entail premature wearing of the batteries (whatever the make of the battery).


AGM batteries used in cycles are recharged in 3 steps (IUU).
The first "BOOST" phase is characterized by a constant current I (max Intensity of the charger). The 2 following phases are characterized by a constant tension U. During the second phase "Absorbtion", the voltage is maintained at a relatively high level in order to accelerate the recharge. During the third and final "Floating" phase, the tension is reduced to a level just sufficient to compensate the auto-discharge of the battery.


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