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This product is :
- created by TECSUP.
- conceived by our Design Office.
- made (parameter, assembly and tests) in our workshops at Annecy-Le-Vieux (France, 74).

Every year, TECSUP devotes 12% of its turn over to R&D for the development of ever more reliable solutions, complete and optimized, benefitting from advanced technology, perfectly stabilized and favoring energy economy.


  • A complete expertise: energy conversion, storage, control and interfacing, lighting.
  • A multi specialists design office: research, design, industrialization, Interface Man-Machine...
  • A totally mastered and integrated process: conception, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, logistics...
  • Proven technical partners: electronics, mechanics...
  • A flexible organization.


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Rechargeable Led floodlight, self-contained lighting case - Optic 16°

  • Power : 3500 lumens (equivalent to a halogen of 600 W). 27 LEDs CREE.
  • Consumption : 30 W
  • Autonomy : 5h (full power), > 8h (half power)
  • Batteries : lithium 12V / 12 Ah
  • Dimensions : 280 x 245 x 130 mm
  • Weight : 4,6 Kg
  • Recharge : integrated charger 90 to 265 VAC (charge time 3h30), cigarette lighter socket (charge time 3h30), solar panel socket.

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accessoire-baby-sur-mat.jpg accessoire-baby-crochet-echaffaudage.jpg accessoire-baby-magnetique.jpg accessoire-baby-panneau-solaire.jpg

Mobile led lighting system

The BABY mobile lighting system offers a powerful LED light of 3500 lumens and three different
modes of use: autonomous lighting, back-up lighting and emergency light. Autonomous,
Rechargeable, portable, the Baby case is waterproof to IP65.

BABY led portable floodlight


  • Power: 3500 lumens (equivalent to a halogen of 600 W). 27 leds CREE.
  • Consumption: 30 W max.
  • Autonomy: > 24h (power 15%), > 9h30 (half power), > 5h30 (full power)
  • Batteries: lithium LiFePo4, 12V / 12 Ah
  • Dimensions: 280 x 245 x 130 mm
  • Weight: 4.3 kg
  • Recharge: integrated charger 90 to 265 VAC (recharging time 3h30), cigarette lighter power connection (rechargin gtime 3h), solar panel connection
  • Optics: 37°, 16° 26°, 43x16°
  • Waterproof design (IP65), light and compact, equipped with a rotatable stand
  • Accessories (options)


Mobile autonomous lighting case

For interventions that demand an autonomous, mobile and powerful light, TECSUP has innovated
and created the Baby case. Portable, waterproof, compact and rechargeable (integrated charger),
the self-contained Baby lighting case offers a powerful LED light of 3500 lumens - equivalent to
a halogen of 600w - for a reduced power consumption of 30w.

The BABY lighting cases integrate the very best lighting technology (LED) and energy storage (Lithium LiFePo4) in a compact, light and waterproof design.

Issued from a TECSUP development orientated around ponctual mobile lighting, the BABY lamps
offer technical and functional performances optimized for the most demanding applications :
military, emergency services, industries...

  • Equiped with 3 lines of 9 latest generation high powered LEDs (CREE 139 lumens/W), the Baby
    light distributes a powerful and constant quality of light, whatever the environment in which it is used.
    Available with different optics (16°, 26°, 37°, 43x16°), it gives off a light adapted to every
    application. The user can alter the power of the light by simple successive pressions on the
    Power selector button.
  • Thanks to its rotatable innovative stand, Baby rotates vertically from -30° to +90° and can be
    installed on a variety of accessories (tripods, magnetic mountings, suction pads...).
  • Protected against power surges, short-circuits deep discharges, the Baby lighting case is totally waterproof (IP65), resistant to falls from a meter high, is certified EU and is guaranteed 3 years.

Multiple possibilities for recharging

Thanks to its integrated charger, BABY can be recharged from any mains power voltage from
90VAC to 260VAC (power cable inside case lid).

BABY also has a cigarette lighter power connection for the needs of nomad clients who are
frequently on the move (security agents, maintenance agents, emergency services...). The BABY
case can remain in the vehicle, plugged into the cigarette lighter, recharging automatically
or maintaining the charge perfectly.

BABY can also be recharged via a solar panel (integrated socket). A high tech supple, foldable photovoltaic solar panel CGIS 12V/30Wc, 0.85m2 unfolded, is proposed on option. Perfectly integrated to BABY, it only weighs 800grs and is homologated for military applications.

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