charnière pour lampe OPUS Mini et Standard

TECSUP Innovation

This product is :
- created by TECSUP.
- conceived by our Design Office.
- made (parameter, assembly and tests) in our workshops at Annecy-Le-Vieux (France, 74).

Every year, TECSUP devotes 12% of its turn over to R&D for the development of ever more reliable solutions, complete and optimized, benefitting from advanced technology, perfectly stabilized and favoring energy economy.


  • A complete expertise: energy conversion, storage, control and interfacing, lighting.
  • A multi specialists design office: research, design, industrialization, Interface Man-Machine...
  • A totally mastered and integrated process: conception, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, logistics...
  • Proven technical partners: electronics, mechanics...
  • A flexible organization.


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OPUS Mini and Standard Universal hinge

  • Fixing of the hinge to the Opus Mini or Standard : 3 screws
  • Vertical Orientation : 180°
  • Horizontal Orientation : 360°

For optimal flexibility, this innovative hinge allows an OPUS Mini or Standard projector to be fixed rapidly to a mast, tripod, magnetic mounting, or a scaffold mounting. The OPUS can also be placed on the ground without having to dismantle the hinge.

Multi-mounting articulation for the OPUS lighting

The universal hinge multiplies the possibilities of fixing your OPUS lamp: on a mast, scaffolding, a vehicle…

OPUS Accessories

Accessories for the OPUS Mini, OPUS Standard & OPUS Maxi projector lamps


  • Universal hinge for the OPUS Mini & Standard projectors
  • Universal hinge for the OPUS Maxi projector
  • Mast & Tripod mountings
  • Magnetic mountings
  • Scaffold mountings

OPUS professional compact flourescent lighting range

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