TECSUP Selection

On the basis of its permanent monitoring in order to develop systems that are more and more complete, TECSUP tests each year new products that have come from specialized manufacturers. After a strict selection (see below), the products held back are then integrated into the offer and then benefit from the TECSUP guarantee.


Selection process:

1 - Monitoring, sourcing
2 - Evaluation (or verification) of the supplier in relation to our criteria: Technical skills, Quality procedures, continuity of the service, availability, lead times...
3 - Studying the performances and functionalities of the products: Technical added value answering the client's needs, respect of all norms & standards.
4 - Controls: made to measure tests developed by our teams, reduced tolerances
5 - Technical integration by our design office, adapting if needed
6 - Eventual proposition to be included in our catalogue

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Inverter pure sinus 24V/230V - 2000W

  • Output : 94%
  • Dimensions : 208 x 422 x 166 mm
  • Weight : 9 Kg
  • Deported display (optional)
  • Adjustable charge detection : 40 to 220
  • Maximum power peak : 4000 W

Inverter Pure Sinus 24VDC / 230VAC

Inverters controlled by microprocessors.

They can accept more important power peaks than their nominal power, in order to allow machines to work which require high power peaks on start up.

Our inverters deliver a pure sinus wave, identical to that of mains power. All types of apparatus (230VAC), without restrictions, can be supplied with power.


  • Pure sinus signal
  • Optimized output: up to 94%
  • Protection against power peaks at start up
  • Economy mode, allows consumption to be dropped to a minimum.
  • Cooling ventilator subjugated to power output.
  • Protections against low battery power entry
  • Protections against short circuits, power surges and overheating.


Catalogue versions (nominal powers) :

  • 350 W
  • 600 W
  • 1000 W
  • 1500 W
  • 2000 W
  • 3000 W

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