TECSUP Selection

On the basis of its permanent monitoring in order to develop systems that are more and more complete, TECSUP tests each year new products that have come from specialized manufacturers. After a strict selection (see below), the products held back are then integrated into the offer and then benefit from the TECSUP guarantee.


Selection process:

1 - Monitoring, sourcing
2 - Evaluation (or verification) of the supplier in relation to our criteria: Technical skills, Quality procedures, continuity of the service, availability, lead times...
3 - Studying the performances and functionalities of the products: Technical added value answering the client's needs, respect of all norms & standards.
4 - Controls: made to measure tests developed by our teams, reduced tolerances
5 - Technical integration by our design office, adapting if needed
6 - Eventual proposition to be included in our catalogue

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Reducer 24V/12V - 24A not isolated

  • Input voltage: 17.0 to 32.0 VDC
  • Output voltage: 13.6 VDC +/-15%
  • Nominal intensity: 24A
  • Maximum intensity: 30A
  • Dimensions: 167 x 87 x 50mm
  • Weight: 635g

Reducer 24V / 12V, not isolated

High frequency voltage reducers in order to convert 24VDC direct current, into12VDC. Common earth.

  • A large selection of voltages: 17.0 to 32.0 VDC.
  • Exit voltages: 13.6 VDC +/- 15%.
  • Wide range: between 3 & 30 amps.
  • Working temperature: -25°C to +30°C (decreasing linear amps from +30°C to +80°C).
  • Connections: 4 flat plate connectors at 6.3mm.
  • Fixings: clip-able onto a T frame, fixed by screws at 3 points.
  • IHM: voltage presence indicated by red LED.
  • Electrostatic protections complying to ISO10605, ISO14892 standards.
  • Robust and sealed Box: anodized aluminium, IP 53
  • Common earth.


Complies with the following regulations.

  • EMC 2004/108/EC directive.
  • 2006/96/EC automobile directive.
  • CE 93/68/EEC mark directif.
  • VIDG5 AES Police and Fire Brigade.


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