Vehicle garages

Vehicle garages

Second line supplier for vehicles, TECSUP works in tight collaboration with the vehicle manufacturers and equippers to allow the garages, concessions or independents, to have the necessary power for their service interventions, maintenance and controls.


Charging, measuring and checking of the batteries

TECSUP associates the extent of its expertise and its creative capacity to bring reliable solutions, complete and performent, replying to the needs of garages by charging, measuring and checking the battery park.

» Charging of interconnected batteries
» Charging of batteries of different technologies
» Battery surveillance
» Engineering : interface & control
» Battery chargers

Anti-spark fonction:
Allows to avoid sparking at the end of the cables when being connected to the batteries (having connected the mains power), or when mains power has just been disconnected (capa still charged).
Recommended for repeated use in high fire risk environments (inflammable fuels....).

Self-contained Energy Systems

Faithful to its engagements in accompanying the clients, TECSUP has developed some self-contained energy systems susceptible of powering, charging, measuring, controlling.... Available as a stationary plate, as a freestanding box for your mobile pupils, or as a transportable case, these systems concentrate all the technological advantages adapted to your specifications. Example: Self-contained power boxes with a built-in tester at the end of the line.

» Self-contained energy boxes or cases
» Self-contained energy Solutions
» Engineering : made to measure Solutions


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