Shows & events

Shows & events

Certain manifestations require lighting that is both permanent and secured. TECSUP can bring partial or completely integrated systems for your needs concerning mobile lighting or emergency lighting.

Self-contained lighting solutions, mobile or emergency


Available in a wide range of powers and light intensity, the lighting systems proposed by TECSUP are regularly used in all kinds of manifestations: Nocturnal or not, outside or inside. They have been conceived for a standalone use, guaranteeing emergency light in the event of power failure.

» Led portable rechargeable floodlights
» Lighting products
» Lighting system
» Autonomous lighting system
» Emergency lighting


Events that reunite a great number of people in one place, are subject to strict security regulations, the presence of an emergency lighting system is often obligatory. In the event of power failure, ambient lighting goes off; an emergency lighting must take over the relay in order to maintain the public calm, avoiding panic and allowing an easy evacuation if necessary.



  • Quality of the lighting: wide & even diffusion of a cold light.
  • Ultra solid and waterproof: Most of the references are available in IP65.
  • Ease of use, thanks notably to the flexibility of its Universal Mounting developed by TECSUP.
  • 2 Year Warranty.





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